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A brochure or pamphlet is a paper advertisement. Brochures may advertise locations, events, hotels, products, services, etc. They are usually succinct in language and eye-catching in design. Direct mail and trade shows are common ways to distribute brochures to introduce a product or service.

Bi-fold brochures

These are found among us every day: they are one of the most common brochure types.These brochures are economical to print since they are usually a double LTR print folded in half. This folding forms 4 panels: a front-cover, a back-cover, and two internal panels. However, there are other configurations: 8-page, 12-page, 16-page and so on.

Tri-fold brochures

These are one of the most common brochures. They are thin and convenient to carry and tempt viewers to open it as they cause intrigue. These brochures are economical to print since they are basically standard-sized prints (usually LTR or LGL) on light stocks that are folded in three. They have 6 panels to place information on, which is an advantage over other types of brochures.

Z-fold brochures

This is the alternative to tri-fold brochures. They are very similar in terms of cost and in the impact they have. Z-fold brochures are used when the flow of the reading adapts better to this structure. They can adapt to small or large paper sizes. As tri-fold brochures, viewers are most likely to open this kind of brochure, as they cause intrigue when closed.

Gate-fold brochures

These are not very common; this is why they produce great impact when they are appropriately used. These brochures are usually large and costly, so they are intended for high-impacting marketing.

The standard gate-fold brochure is a quad-LTR page folded in four as it’s shown on the left, which results in 8 panels: 1 front panel, 1 back panel, and 6 internal panels; however, this configuration can be changed. The most interesting feature of this type of brochure is that they arrange very wide graphs.


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